our values + ethos

Radical Diffusion

Technology is an enabler of transparency and optimization of integrated solutions. It drives collective creativity through the diffusion of innovation, and should be leveraged to measure impact and address the world’s most pressing issues in radical ways.

Vessel (TKA) at Hudson Yards, New York City 2019.

Vessel (TKA) at Hudson Yards, New York City 2019.

Building Ecosystems

Business model innovation and connected intelligence within ecosystems creates rapid change and the collision of ideas that breaks through pre-existing barriers to develop a network effect and inclusive communities.

Purpose, Impact & Sustainability are disruptive and transformative forces that will fundamentally shift industries and create a better future.
— Ennovae + Co.

Purpose Driven Profits

The world’s most influential brands and companies have a new way of doing business through purpose driven innovation.

Scaling for Impact

Scaling high impact social solutions requires exploring multiple pathways and highly collaborative hybrid models to achieve scale.

Sustainability is Imperative

Sustainability has reached an inflection point where it has become an imperative for socially responsible corporations and businesses.